I think the words "Provider" and "Provisioner" sound very similar which may lead to confusion especially among beginners confronted with documentation where both terms are mixed up or used synonymous (already seen on the net). Even more confusing it gets when beginners see Docker as Provider and Docker as Provisioner mentioned on Vagrant´s website.

So this question is actually about three things:

  1. What is a Vagrant Provider?

  2. What is a Vagrant Provisioner?

  3. How does Docker fit in here?

    • What could be a typical use case for Docker as Vagrant Provider?

    • What could be a typical use case for Docker as Vagrant Provisioner?

I appreciate explanations, examples and links for further reading which illustrate things clearly (even for noobs).

  1. The underlying virtualization solutions are called providers. To work with Vagrant, you have to install at least one provider (e.g. Virtualbox, VMWare)

  2. Provisioning in Vagrant is the process of automatic installation and configuration of the system within during $ vagrant up and the tools to perform this operation are called provisioners (e.g. Shell scripts, Chef, Puppet).

  • I added the Docker aspect to my question, so may be you want to add some notes about that to your answer, too. – Tset Noitamotua Aug 10 '16 at 13:31

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