Is there a way to create multiple actions for a QR Code ?

The goal would be to scan the QR code and executes thoses actions :

  1. Connect to WIFI
  2. Go to specific URL

I could do those 2 actions with 2 QR Code but it will be easier to only have one


You can't.
Simply because the scanner can't support it and will decode it as a simple text (or even crash!).
See this answer if you want to know what datatypes you can put in qr-codes. (some apps won't even support all of these)


What operating system are you talking about?

In general, you can extract the text from the QR code (in your case most propably an URL) and do whatever you want with that text.

Under Ubuntu Linux, for example, you could use zbarimg from the zbar-tools package to extract the text from you can get the URL from the qrcode using:

URL=$(zbarimg --raw --quiet QRCODE.png)
  • Acutally, it is not about coding. I want my user to scan the QR code which will connect him to a specific network and also open a new page with a specific URL (my website) – Weedoze Aug 10 '16 at 12:17

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