Which is the best PHP library for openID integration?


For PHP, I find Zend Framework OpenID Component to be really good.

You can also see all available OpenID libraries at this link

  • I don't believe that Zend can do openid against google...am i wrong? – Neil McGuigan Jan 29 '11 at 0:36

The PHP OpenID library is good.


I'd recommend JanRain's library, they say its used by 80% of all OpenID enabled users, (possibly, it was one of the earliest ones), but you can also use them for OpenID authentication as a service provider using their RPX service, or just get them to do all the work for you via their myOpenID domain tool.


Take a look at OpenID's list of libraries.


PEAR also has a nice OpenId package.


There are many libraries available in the market, just just have to test the best according to your need but if you are thinking for providing Identity as OPENID provider then their are only three libraries there only are PHPOPENID Library, Zend and NetMesh InfoGrid LID. Mostly people choose Zend as they Provide the other types of Framework and make easy to impliment.

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