Are method swizzling and isa swizzling the same thing? If not, then what is isa swizzling?


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Method Swizzling

Method swizzling exchanges the implementation of two methods of a class at runtime. This will affect every instance, which was or will be created, of the modified class.

Example: Let's assume you have written a category for NSString:

@interface NSString (Swizzling)
@implementation NSString (Swizzling)
- (NSString *)swizzled_uppercaseString {
    //when the method is swizzled, the original method will be called 
    //with swizzled_uppercaseString (so this will not create a stack overflow).
    NSString *result = [self swizzled_uppercaseString];
    // our custom code
    result = [result stringByAppendingString:@" (swizzled)"];
    return result;

You can then exchange the implementation of the uppercaseString-method with the swizzled_uppercaseString-method, so the implementation of the swizzled_uppercaseString method is executed, when uppercaseString is called. (And the original implementation of uppercaseString is executed, when calling swizzled_uppercaseString):

#import <objc/runtime.h>

NSString *sample = @"abc";

// original method is called:
NSLog([sample uppercaseString]); 

//Obtaining original and swizzled method:
original = class_getInstanceMethod([NSString class], @selector(uppercaseString));
swizzled = class_getInstanceMethod([NSString class], @selector(swizzled_uppercaseString));

//Exchange implementations here:
method_exchangeImplementations(original, swizzled);

// swizzled method is called:
NSLog([sample uppercaseString]); //prints "ABC (swizzled)"

ISA Swizzling

ISA swizzling modifies a property on a single object, the ISA ('is a') property, which describes the class of an object, so you can exchange the type of a given single object with another type at runtime.

Example: Let's assume you have this class structure:

@interface Sample : NSObject
@property (nonatomic) NSString *sampleStringToLoad;
@implementation Sample
@synthesize sampleStringToLoad;

@interface SampleWithStringLoader :NSObject
@property (nonatomic) NSString *sampleStringToLoad;
@implementation SampleWithStringLoader
@synthesize sampleStringToLoad;
-(void)loadString {
self.sampleStringToLoad = @"abc";

You can then set the class to SampleWithStringLoader, so the sampleStringToLoad-method becomes available:

#import <objc/runtime.h>

Sample *sample = [Sample new];
// switch isa to new class:
object_setClass(sample, [SampleWithStringLoader class]);

// invoke method that is only in SampleWithStringLoader: 
[sample performSelector:@selector(loadString)]; 

// switch isa back to original class:
object_setClass(sample,[Sample class]); 

// Prints 'abc':

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