Can someone help me figure out the correct elements for the overpass recursion parameter? I just can't figure out the configuration and am a bit overwhelmed by the recursion documentation.

What I would like to retrieve is the distance of a location to the most nearby railway track. Therefore, I am trying to query:

  • Railtracks that go through a radius of 50m around a fixed location and their respective node-ids
  • Latitude and longitude of all railway nodes that belong to those railtracks

What I got so far is:

Of course, I could now merge the results of both queries, however, it seems like a bit of an overhead. Does anybody know how to achieve a single query for this?


Ok, I think I figured it out. If anybody is similarily confused, here is my solution: http://www.overpass-api.de/api/interpreter?data=[out:json];way(around:50,LATITUDE,LONGITUDE)[%22railway%22];(._;%3E;);out;

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