I have an email account under an Office 365 domain (Ex. sam@mydomain.com) and I want to be able to send an email to a client under a different doamin (Ex. sam@differentdomain.com) that is with another company I work for. Is this even possible with the Microsoft Exchange? I know you can send an email on behalf of an internal user from Outlook but can you do it with an external email address?


If the addresses reside in different mailboxes, you can add 2 Exchange accounts to the profile.

If the two are the proxy SMTP addresses that point to the same mailbox, the best you can do is create 2 dummy POP3/SMTP accounts (point POP3 server to an invalid server to make sure it does not download messages). Or you can use a product like Proxy Manager.

If you are doing this programmatically, your only choice is to send messages through the SMTP server exposed by your Exchange Server (outlook.office365.com for Office 365; you must use TLS on port 587). It will be your responsibility to place the sent messages in the Sent Items folder to make it look seamless to the end user.

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