When I have focus on my Debug panel:

enter image description here

I would like to use the keyboard to switch to the "Console" tab, visible right next to the currently selected "Debugger" tab.

There are several Keymap settings that refer to switching Editor tabs, but this is not a code editor window, it is an IntelliJ specific pane. How can I specify a keyboard shortcut for navigating tabs in an IntelliJ pane?


Right-clicking the tabs gives the menu: enter image description here

(on Mac):

Next tab: Ctrlright

Prev tab: Ctrlleft

Note that on Mac these keystrokes are automatically configured to switch Spaces. You need to go into Keyboard settings to turn it off

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    Can the downvoter explain? I don't see how the answer is not useful – Jeeter Aug 10 '16 at 21:11

alt+right to move right a tab.

alt+left to move left a tab.

You will need to have the correct panel of tabs in the current context for effect. To get to these you can use the shortcuts which are the form alt+NUM.

alt+5 for instance would jump you to the debug panel.

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