I am checking a status of a program and acting apon it.

So I either receive all, local or an error.

However upon checking it with my regex I am always hitting the condition even when it doesn't match.

    if ($pri !~ /local/ || $pri !~ /all/) {
            print $pri."\n";
            print "[PRIMARY] Heartbeat is not responding correctly \n";

Above print displays as:

perl test.pl -p xx.xx.xx.xx -s xx.xx.xx.xx
[PRIMARY] Heartbeat is not responding correctly

And a dump looks like

perl test.pl -p xx.xx.xx.xx -s xx.xx.xx.xx
$VAR1 = 'all';
[PRIMARY] Heartbeat is not responding correctly

Am I missing something obvious? To me the condition should be skipped as the value is all.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Thanks for the edits, although down voting because of some grammatical errors is pretty lame. – Anthony 'Runt' Cleaves Aug 11 '16 at 10:58
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The regexp is almost fine, you just used wrong logical operator - or. It should be and:

if ($pri !~ /local/ && $pri !~ /all/) {

Also for regexp consider surrounding by ^ and $ to have full string match.

  • I just realised this as you answered it. The simple things eh? Appreciated. – Anthony 'Runt' Cleaves Aug 11 '16 at 10:55

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