Angular 2 RC 5 was released a couple of days ago, however I would like to browse docs for RC 4 version. Is this possible?


Angular team probably uses typescript-documentation, which means what you see on angular.io docs, is written and comitted to github with actual code in the same typescript file.

angular.io docs have a github link to that file in bottom-right. And as we all know how github works you can just browse through history of a particular document, however there is no clear seperation by version, just commit by commit seperation .

Update: You can also choose the tag (version) from top-left on github file shown in second picture. - @Scrambo (comment)

Here is the flow with screenshots,

One: angular.io docs

enter image description here

Two: github file latest version

enter image description here

Three: github file history

enter image description here

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    To add to this, in your second picture at the top left, you can see a drop down box with the text Tag: 2.0.0-rc5. You should be able to filter based on what release version you want to look at in that dropdown. – Scrambo Aug 11 '16 at 13:48

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