I'm not totally clear on what flow check does vs just flow. Running flow seems to start a server up, and checks all the code. Subsequent executions of flow are faster due to the running server. flow check also seems to do a full code check but without the server.

Is there more to it than that?


Yep, you seem to get it!

flow server does a full check of your code from scratch. Once it is done, it watches for changes, and incrementally checks your code as it changes.

flow start basically runs flow server in the background.

flow check is basically the same thing as flow server, except as soon as it's done with the initial full check, it prints the errors and exits.

flow status talks to the running flow server and asks for the current errors. If no server is running, it calls flow start to start a new server.

flow (with no explicit command) is an alias for flow status


Another distinction is flow check will ignore the currently running server.

I learned this after finding that running flow and flow check randomly yielded two different results. Truth is, I had run flow, added flow-typed stuff, and then run flow check.

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