I am trying to use map() to apply the function quandl on an array of (n x 1) strings. (http://quandljl.readthedocs.io/en/latest/get_data.html)

However, I wish to pass on more than just the strings as arguments to the function, such as from = Date1 and to = Date2. I cannot seem to find a way to have map() apply the function on the array of strings while also passing the keyword arguments to download data from Date1 to Date2.

The more general question is: how can I use map() to apply a function on several elements while also passing additional arguments to this function?


You'll want to create an anonymous function that calls quandl with the appropriate arguments and map that over your data. Since I'm a little unclear on how you want to call quandl, I'll just use a made up example. Suppose f takes two positional arguments and a keyword k; suppose you want to apply it to each value of v with 2 as the second argument and k = "abc". You would do this like so:

map(x -> f(x, 2, k = "abc"), v)

If the anonymous function body is large or complicated, you may want to use Julia's do-block syntax and write the computation like this instead:

map(v) do x
    f(x, 2, k = "abc")

In this example, this doesn't make much sense, but if the anonymous function is multiple lines of code, then this can be preferable.

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