since it's trivial that Rails crawls on Windows, I'm going to try and play with MS's ASP.NET MVC 2, any recommendation for the resources that I should be reading (ebooks/books are preferred, but tutorial websites are fine too) ?

By the way my programming skills is beginner - intermediate.

Thanks a lot guys.


Sanderson's book http://www.amazon.com/ASP-NET-Framework-Second-Experts-Voice/dp/1430228865/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1286544141&sr=8-1 is really good. I have used both editions of the book for MVC1 and MVC2 and it has been great.

He does a really good job starting off basic and getting more complicated. There is also a big case study that you slowly build up as you go through the book.


http://tekpub.com have a great video series on MVC2 which I would highly recommend.


Check out my question here, it has lots of links to information on how to learn Asp.Net MVC 2. I personally liked the MVC Music Store.


asp.net/mvc is the best place to start. has lots of videos to guide you.

There are also lots of sample projects to follow.


ASP.Net MVC in Action is a very good book. Besides this http://www.asp.net/mvc has loads of videos. There are videos from basics and videos which expose you to advance customization as well.

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