i just modify an file from kentico CMSApp project. The path: CMS\CMSModules\Content\CMSDesk\Properties\Menu.aspx

i change an input from cms:CMSTextBox to cms:MediaSelector.

In kentico dashboard -> pages -> Properties -> Navigation

After that i deploy the CMSApp_MVC project, and copied the files from the folder i mentioned.

Now it doesnt work on production environment. Help please.

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It is highly recommended not to modify Kentico system files unless you have no other options. Your current change is not supported and instead of doing that I would recommend to create a Custom page type field using whatever Form control you like to hold your value - just don't change the file you mentioned directly.

You can then work with that field just like you would with any other Document/TreeNode field.

PS: Kentico 9.2 does not exist.

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  • Yes, 9.2 doesn't exists, my mistake. It sounds the solution i am looking cant be applied, since i am using MVC , and in Controller Context , i just return the TreeNode Currentnode. And in the View i just manipulate the entire node Data collection, and build my Menu. Ofcourse i could use .WithAllData, that loads the custom properties that i created, but i loose my order, that is independent of page types, since the fact that my menu have some page types. But thanks Enn, you gave me another idea. – Slavi Popov Aug 16 '16 at 8:31

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