I have an extension that extends the onAfterWrite method of the parents.

public function onAfterWrite(){

   $newTask = new Mytask($this->owner->ID);


I want to instantiate class MyTask and call its method only when new record is being added, not when the existing record are being edited. How to check whether we just edited existing record or added new record in method onAfterWrite ?


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I would suggest $this->IsInDB() it returns "True if the object is in the database". Link to api. This checks if there is an ID, but does so in a nice well named function to make it clear what is going on.

  • $this->isInDB() will return true in onAfterWrite as the record is already written to db by then. I have successfully used $this->isChanged('ID') for cases where I need to detect new record but can't do it in onBeforeWrite as I need to add has many relations or something that needs the main record to already be written by then
    – Priit
    Jan 19, 2021 at 10:36

I believe that on the initial write there will be no ID set against the object (at least, not during the onBeforeWrite).

You can use this to your advantage either by setting a flag on the object (eg: $this->isFirstWrite = true) during the onBeforeWrite and then checking for it onAfterWrite.

UPDATE: As Barry has rightly said, there's a function called isInDB that you can use, which just checks if there's an ID - using that may protect you in the future if we no longer explicitly rely on the ID as the indicator of whether it's in the DB.

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