Remote Simulator to Windows option is not exists in Tools / Options / Xamarin / IOS Settings.

Its seen like this : enter image description here

What I have done so far :

  • I have installed the simulator from here that is from this resource.
  • I have already restarted both my PC and MAC Mini.
  • I have activated the remote login on MAC Mini by reading the manuel.
  • I have checked if the PC is connected.

What can I do to fix this?


Check for Visual Studio updates. I had the same problem and I solved it updating Visual Studio.

I hope it works.


It will work only on enterprise


Remoted iOS Simulator requires a Visual Studio Enterprise license

Let your voice be heard if you feel iOS Simulator should be included in other levels of VS.



it will also work in Visual Studio Community 2017, Enterprise is not necessary. Just Go to tools>Extentions and Updates and update your VS. Then you should be able to see "Remote Simulator to Windows" in tools > option > Xamarin > iOS Settings. Enjoy...

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