I've added schema.org markup to a page which shows details for an apartment. I originally used the "Residence" type, like so:


Which google - according to their Structured Data Testing Tool - likes:

Successful test using "Residence" type

However, I'd like to change the type to "Apartment" as it's more relevant for the content on the page. According to schema.org, this is a perfectly valid option: https://schema.org/Apartment

So I updated the itemtype like so:


But the structured data testing tool reports "The type Apartment is not a type known to Google":

Unsuccessful test using "Apartment"

I also tried testing with this tool: https://old.webmaster.yandex.com/microtest.xml which gave a similar error.

What am I doing wrong here, how am I meant to use the "Apartment" type?


The Apartment type was introduced with version 3.1, which is only a few days old.

Google’s SDTT typically needs some time until it recognizes new types and properties. So I would expect that the SDTT will soon stop reporting this as an error.

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  • Thanks a lot for this. Good to know it's not something I was doing wrong. – Luke Twomey Aug 16 '16 at 8:43

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