I have a table, tblstars_new, which is updated weekly from the client. I have another table, tblstars, which needs to import new and updated data from tblstars_new.

Finding rows in tblstars_new that do not exist in tblstars, and then adding then to tblstars is simple.

But, I also need to find rows in tblstars_new in which the column PandA_Code has changed, and then update the identical row in tblstars.

This query tells me which rows from tblstars_new have PandA_Code's that have changed and need to be updated in tblstars.

    tblstars_new sn
    JOIN tblstars s ON sn.Student_ID_Number = s.Student_ID_Number AND sn.PandA_Code != s.PandA_Code

I'm trying to figure out a MERGE statement that will make the changes. As I'm doing in Prod, I can't really play around. Two questions:

1) Is it possible to see the changes without actually doing them?

2) Is the MERGE statement below correct?

MERGE tblstars AS T         -- Target
USING tblstars_new AS S     -- Source
    (T.Student_ID_Number = S.Student_ID_Number AND T.PandA_Code != S.PandA_Code) 
    UPDATE SET T.PandA_Code = S.PandA_Code
OUTPUT $action;
  • Take a backup of both tables and save them with new names then do your testing. I would hope that it wouldnt cause too much of an issue and is 100 times safer. – Zi0n1 Aug 15 '16 at 15:32
  • ~I think just switching your WHEN NOT MATCHED to WHEN MATCHED may well work but have not tested – bhs Aug 15 '16 at 15:35
  • If the @sboahra's answer is solved your problem what about which needs to import new and updated data from tblstars_new. What about the new? – Hamlet Hakobyan Aug 15 '16 at 16:43
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This is simply done by using join instead of merge statement:

UPDATE T SET T.PandA_Code = S.PandA_Code FROM tblstart T 
INNER JOIN tblstars_new P ON P.Student_ID_Number = T.Student_ID_Number
WHERE T.PandA_Code <> S.PandA_Code 

Here is the MERGE query that satisfy your requests.

MERGE tblstars AS T         -- Target
USING tblstars_new AS S     -- Source
ON T.Student_ID_Number = S.Student_ID_Number -- They shoudl match by PK
WHEN MATCHED AND  AND T.PandA_Code != S.PandA_Code
    THEN                    -- when matched and PandA_Code different update them
    UPDATE SET T.PandA_Code = S.PandA_Code
WHEN NOT MATCHED BY TARGET -- When not matched by TARGET (there is in source but not in target)
    THEN INSERT (<field1, field2, ...>)  
        VALUES (<S.field1, S.filed2, ...>)  -- then insert them
OUTPUT deleted.*, $action, inserted.* INTO #TheTempTable; 
SELECT * FROM #TheTempTable;  -- here you can see the cnages and rollback if something is wrong

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