I'm trying to find any open-source or commercial implementation of Attribute-Based Access Control(ABAC) paradigm that will work together with Spring Security or Apache Shiro frameworks. Right now I can't find any of them. I don't think I'm a first one who needs such kind of functionality - so could you please recommend frameworks that will support this ?

Also, can Permissions in Apache Shiro be considered as a particular case of ABAC paradigm implementation ?

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Disclaimer: I work for Axiomatics

Axiomatics provides an Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) implementation that integrates with different environments:

  • Native Spring Security integration
  • integration with other Java apps via our SDK and API
  • integration with API gateways e.g. Apigee
  • database security

We have had customers integrate with Apache Shiro . Apache Shiro are a simplified form of ABAC. They can be integrated with ABAC.

Axiomatics' implementation relies on XACML.

This github sample shows how ABAC can be implemented on top of spring-security framework using Spring Expression Language (SPEL). An excellent blog describes the sample code using a simple web app. Having come from an XACML background I found this project to be very familiar to XACML. It essentially maps XACML concepts to define policy's in JSON (instead of XACML / XML) and using a familiar spring-security API and framework.

For an open source Java alternative, you can find several on the XACML Wikipedia page: AuthzForce, Apache OpenAZ, WSO2 Balana. For AuthzForce, you can find Java code samples of ABAC/XACML authorization filters using either an embedded Java PDP or a (remote) RESTful PDP.

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