I'm kinda new to RxJava, but I'm trying to learn it. In this case however I have a code which I cannot change, which uses a simple callback model. But the callback isn't called directly and I cannot parameterize it, but I still would like to use Observables. The basic example is, I'd call myFunc() which returns an observable and start a background operation. Then that background operation would return in myCallback. WHat I want is to then call onNext with the result THEN I could do something with the result. I'm just not sure what to use, is this something to do with Subjects?

private void doStuff() {
    myFunc().subscribe(new Action1<Object>() {
        public void call(Object o) {
            System.out.println("DO SOMETHING WITH THE RESULT");

private void myCallback(Object result) {

private Observable<Object> myFunc() {
    //Do stuff which will return in myCallback
    return [SOMETHING]

Look at PublishSubject:

PublishSubject<T> subject = PublishSubject.create();
   // run in background
  .doOnNext(item -> doSomething(item))
  //make sure you log errors somewhere!

After subscription is established:

  • Thanks, I found it in the meantime, but yeah I did the same :)
    – breakline
    Aug 16 '16 at 12:26

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