I just created new Web API project (using MVC) in visual studio 2015 and for the testing purpose, I ran that project but ended up below error.

After running the project, it brings up Home Page correctly but when I navigated to /api/values or /api/values/5, it gives me below xml message.

    <Message>Authorization has been denied for this request.</Message>

Can someone please help? I am new to Web API. Please note that I don't want to remove the Authorize attribute. I would like to access the resource after authorization only. So I am looking for what is wrong.


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In the ValuesController there is an attribute Authorize if you remove it, then it will work as home page.

The Authorize attribute just prevent an anonymous users from accessing the ValuesController.

to work with this attribute, you need first to register a user, and then login to get user's token, then you can use the token to authorize your self and get access .

In this page Individual-accounts-in-web-api is explained all what do you need


It happens because you have an Authorize attribute on your ValuesController

public class ValuesController : ApiController

Just remove [Authorize] and try again


According to your edit: You should create a new user and login or use [AllowAnonymous] as mentioned by @Marcus H. Read more about Identity


I got the answer here.


And it was very useful to fix my error my error

I just came across the same problem and found the solution:

You need to register the OAuth Token Generator and OAuth Token Consumer things before WebAPI is registered.

Kind of makes sense if you think of this as a pipeline, where Authentication/Authorization should come before any request handling by the controllers.

TL;DR: Change






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