DataFrames are a fairly new concept to me. A handful of sources recommended it over RDDs and how it outperforms RDDs in many situations. I'd like to see if DataFrames are a viable option for (eventually, I'll be dealing with Array of bytes), so I compared the performance on a word count application on a 1GB file.

Anyways, when I ran the program, I got the following results:

RDD Count total: 137733312 Time Elapsed: 44.5675378 s

DF Count total: 137733312 Time Elapsed: 69.201253448 s

I was expecting the DataFrames to execute faster than the RDD. Is this a result of bad implementation? Or since the DataFrame implementation called textFile, the data was loaded into an RDD and then converted into a DataFrame. Does this impact the performance? Is it recommended to convert my file into say a Parquet file (since that's the default data source) and load directly from it?

I was wondering if someone could explain why RDD's outperformed DataFrames by a pretty significant margin.

def testDF(sc: SparkContext, sqlContext: SQLContext,
     fname: String, threshold: Int): Long = {
     import sqlContext.implicits._
     val linesDF = sc.textFile(fname).toDF("line")
     val tokenizer = new Tokenizer().setInputCol("line").setOutputCol("words")
     val wordsDF = tokenizer.transform(linesDF)
     val countUDF = udf((data: WrappedArray[String]) => data.size)
     val countTotal = wordsDF.withColumn("count", countUDF('words)).agg(sum("count"))


def testRDD(sc: SparkContext, fname: String): Int = {
    // split each document into words
    val tokenized = sc.textFile(fname).flatMap(_.split(" "))

    // count the occurrence of each word
    val wordCounts = tokenized.map((_, 1)).reduceByKey(_ + _)

    // count characters
    val countTotal: Int = wordCounts.map(_._2).reduce((a,b) => a + b)

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    so much for under the hood optimization! – thebluephantom Jul 2 '18 at 7:37

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