I am using the IPython module in a Jupyter Notebook. I am using the display module to display buttons.

from ipywidgets import widgets
import IPython.display as dsply
def click_reset(b):
    print("reset domains button")

resetButton = widgets.Button(description="Reset Domains")

This works fine, but I am trying to find a way to programatically hide certain buttons. Based off the execution of my other code, I want certain buttons to be removed from the UI. Is there anything like hide(resetButton) that I can use?

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You can hide a widget using

resetButton.layout.visibility = 'hidden'

to let the widget still consume space, or

resetButton.layout.display = 'none'

to let the widget not consume space anymore.

The top-level attribute resetButton.visible = False is not longer supported.

  • To make the item visible again use resetButton.layout.visibility = 'visible' or resetButton.progress_bar.layout.display = None (Yes, that#s quite confusing.)
    – jonas37
    Commented Mar 2, 2022 at 15:30

When I use @SergeyGornostaev's answer, I still have a residual cross showing up on the left side of the cell output. I found the following command removes the widget all together:


You can hide every widget by setting it's property visible to False

resetButton.visible = False

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