I'd like to map <Shift> + <Arrow Keys> to select text, just like expected behavior in something like sublime text (idea comes from this: Mapping <Shift>-Arrows to selecting characters/lines). Using the setup I have below, <S-Left> and <S-Right> does work, but <S-Up> and <S-Down> does not work. Believe Terminal.app needs to add a keyboard action, or something?

In ~/.vimrc:

nmap <S-Up> v<Up>
nmap <S-Down> v<Down>
nmap <S-Left> v<Left>
nmap <S-Right> v<Right>

I see that in vim (in insert mode, then <C-v> + <S-Up> gets me this ^[OA, and <C-v> + <S-Down> gets me this ^[OB.

In Terminal.app preferences (default setup):

default Terminal.app keyboard settings

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    Why don't you try to get used to Vim instead?
    – romainl
    Aug 16, 2016 at 7:27

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Turns out Terminal.app doesn't send the shift+up or shift+down codes to the terminal.

From here: https://github.com/timothybasanov/terminal-app-function-keys

Add this codes to the Terminal.app profile:

⇧↑ \033[1;2A
⇧↓ \033[1;2B

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