I using AWS cognito to verify the user's phone number. I have a problem: When the user enter his details, I send it to AWS. AWS try to send code to the user's phone number, but if the user enter a wrong number AWS return exception "invalid phone number". So I ask the user to update the number, but when I try to update it in AWS, they return exception "the user is not authenticated". How can I update the number to the right number after the user just signup and still not confirmed? This is my code:

                    // Create a CognitoUserAttributes object and add user attributes 
                    CognitoUserAttributes userAttributes = new CognitoUserAttributes();
                    // Add the user attributes. Attributes are added as key-value pairs 
                    // Adding user's given name. 
                    // Note that the key is "given_name" which is the OIDC claim for given name 
                    userAttributes.addAttribute("name", userName); 
                    userAttributes.addAttribute("family_name", userFamily); 
                    // Adding user's phone number 
                    userAttributes.addAttribute("phone_number", prepareValidPhoneNumberForAWS(userPhone));

                    SignUpHandler signupCallback = new SignUpHandler() 
                        int t=0;
                        public void onSuccess(CognitoUser cognitoUserUser, boolean userConfirmed, CognitoUserCodeDeliveryDetails cognitoUserCodeDeliveryDetails) 
                            // Sign-up was successful

                            // Check if this user (cognitoUser) has to be confirmed
                                // This user has to be confirmed and a confirmation code was sent to the user
                                // cognitoUserCodeDeliveryDetails will indicate where the confirmation code was sent
                                // Get the confirmation code from user
                                // The user has already been confirmed

                        public void onFailure(Exception exception) 
                            // Sign-up failed, check exception for the cause

  • because you are creating new CognitoUser object every time – Rahul Aug 16 '16 at 9:11
  • I did it just at the first time . When I want to update I use the function : – Toda Aug 16 '16 at 9:22
  • CognitoUser cognitoUser = userPool.getUser(currentUser.getUser_id()); and then I use updateAttribute method. – Toda Aug 16 '16 at 9:36
  • "the user is not autenticated" means you are not using previous session, you have to just maintain the Session. – Rahul Aug 16 '16 at 9:41
  • Before you make the call, you can actually retrieve the session and see if the object is null or you can check if the access token is valid – Rahul Aug 16 '16 at 9:43

Currently this usecase is not supported by Cognito because customer needs to be signed-in to update the phone number and unconfirmed accounts cannot sign-in. One option is to let user create a new account with the correct email address. Another option is that end user contacts developer, developer can use AdminUpdateUserAttributes to update the user phone number.

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