I use PostgreSQL 9.5 and have set default value for huge_pages = try. How can I determine if postgres is using it while server is running?

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    grep ^HugePages /proc/meminfo && sudo grep huge /proc/*/numa_maps - you can determine does the huge pages used at all and which processes used them. – Abelisto Aug 16 '16 at 17:37

_pages (enum) Enables/disables the use of huge memory pages. Valid values are try (the default), on, and off.

At present, this feature is supported only on Linux. The setting is ignored on other systems when set to try.

The use of huge pages results in smaller page tables and less CPU time spent on memory management, increasing performance. For more details, see Section 17.4.4.

With huge_pages set to try, the server will try to use huge pages, but fall back to using normal allocation if that fails. With on, failure to use huge pages will prevent the server from starting up. With off, huge pages will not be used.

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    it's copied straight from documentation and that's not an answer to my question – Borys Aug 16 '16 at 13:08

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