I want to define a rule for a symbol, say "a", such as: $a^3=ba^2+ca+d$ and force maple to symplify all my expressions containing $a$ to an expression containing powers of $a$ only up to the square. I have tried "applyrule" but even for $a^4$ maple seems not able to do it. Is there a way to force such simplification rule?

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You can accomplish this using simplification with side-relations, which means using the simplify command with the rule appearing in a particular form of optional argument.

For example,



simplify(a^2, {rule});


simplify(a^3, {rule});

                                    a  b + a c + d

simplify(a^4, {rule});

                              2       2
                            (b  + c) a  + (b c + d) a + b d

We can demonstrate the correctness of the previous result using algsubs. Note that algsubs may be applied more than once, to accomplish that.

algsubs(rule, a^4);

                                    3      2
                                   a  b + a  c + a d

algsubs(rule, %);

                              2       2
                            (b  + c) a  + (b c + d) a + b d

ans1 := simplify(a^7, {rule}):

ans2 := algsubs(rule, algsubs(rule, algsubs(rule, algsubs(rule, a^7)))):

normal(ans1 - ans2);


Note that the simplification with side-relations can also work for expressions which are not just polynomials (in which case it would be even harder to utilize algsubs to get the same effect).

expr := sin(a^4) + a^3 + sqrt(a^7);

                                         4     3     7 1/2
                            expr := sin(a ) + a  + (a )

simplify(expr, {rule}):


simplify(a^4, {a^3 = b*a^2+c*a+d});

This is called "simplify with side relations." The curly braces around the second argument are essential.

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