I'm learning D3 and following this lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpeOzq8eDYk&index=8&list=PL6il2r9i3BqH9PmbOf5wA5E1wOG3FT22p

Why is .each("end", function() {...} producing this error? Uncaught TypeError: callback.call is not a function

var canvas3 = d3.select("#doooo")
                .attr("width", 500)
                .attr("height", 500)
var circle3 = canvas3.append("circle")
                .attr("cx", 50)
                .attr("cy", 50)
                .attr("r", 25)

    .attr("cx", 150)
    .each("end", function() { console.log("This is producing an error"); })

Ah, .each("end", function() {...}) (version 3) seems to have been replaced by .on("end", ...) in version 4.

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