I am working on a restful API using PHP, this API will be used by a mobile application(iOS & Android) and I am trying to implement Google API login and authorize mobile users to login and use the app.

Here the flow I am trying to achieve :

  • User login via mobile app
  • User get an access token and send it to the server
  • the server fetch the user info on the behalve of the user, using the access_token

I am trying to set the accessToken like this :

$client = new \Google_Client();
//set google scopes


$googleOauth2 = new \Google_Service_Oauth2($client);

For some reason I have an error from the API client

Undefined index: expires_in

I am expecting to get only the access_token as param from Mobile APPs is it possible to get user information this way or I should get the JSON object which contains expires_in as well? I am I doing something wrong and is it possible to do it this way ? Any help or suggestion are well appreciated.

  • If You Want You Use Firebase Api it is easy and suitable For You – Ashish Shahi Jun 8 '17 at 12:52
  • did you find any solution..? – usama Jan 15 '18 at 10:03

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