Here's a basic regex technique that I've never managed to remember. Let's say I'm using a fairly generic regex implementation (e.g., grep or grep -E). If I were to do a list of files and match any that end in either .sty or .cls, how would I do that?

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ls | grep -E "\.(sty|cls)$"
  • \. matches literally a "." - an unescaped . matches any character
  • (sty|cls) - match "sty" or "cls" - the | is an or and the brackets limit the expression.
  • $ forces the match to be at the end of the line

Note, you want grep -E or egrep, not grep -e as that's a different option for lists of patterns.

egrep "\.sty$|\.cls$"

This regex:
will match any string ends with .sty or .cls
for grep \z should be replaced with $ i.e. \.(sty|cls)$ as jelovirt suggested.

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