After setting up IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.x with a TypeScript compiler, in my case Node v6.2.1, I get a TypeScript Project Error as follows:

"Error: Cannot start compiler process"

This started happening after IntelliJ was upgraded to 2016.2.x. Previous versions worked fine.

Here's how I setup the TypeScript compiler: enter image description here

Here's the error message: enter image description here


To fix this problem, directly edit the TypeScript configuration within the project's .idea directory. Within the project structure, navigate to your .idea directory then locate and open file typescript-compiler.xml like below. Direct Edit

Now add the following xml option element after the "useConfig" option element (make sure to use the path appropriate your node installation):

<option name="nodeInterpreterTextField" value="$PROJECT_DIR$/../../node/bin/node" />

Be sure to change the directory path to your instance of node.

Sadly, this solution we be overridden every time you edit and save your settings. Hopefully, IDEA will have a fix for this soon.

  • Had the same problem and this fixed it for me on 2016.2.2 - Thanks! – DaveEdelstein Sep 21 '16 at 20:47
  • this does not help on WebStorm 2016.3.1 and TypeScript 2.1.X – user1338054 Dec 12 '16 at 7:00

First, I ran:
npm install gulp-typescript typescript --save-dev

Then, I downloaded 2017.1.4 version of WebStorm and reinstalled WebStorm.

Everything works fine after that.

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