Is there a native Javascript module that allows creating / modifying EXIF and IPTC sections inside the JPEG file ?

Note: I already have the Exif data of the image that I am receiving from iPhone along with the image. Since he image does not include all the metadata in itself, I want to combine it and save it on my server.

I came across a one module in my search but that seems abandoned and it never implemented writing of EXIF.


Does anyone know of a pure Javascript module that I can use ?

I did find a C library "libexif" that can do the job. I have not tested it yet. I'm still trying to stay with Javascript.

Write exif data to jpg using libexif

Thanks in advance.

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PiexifJS did the job for me. Runs on the browser and on node. No external dependencies.

  • Unfortunately this library does not support IPTC data.
    – Armin
    Aug 22, 2021 at 15:08

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