I have dtsx packages which are created using SSDT 2010 (SQL Server 2012). And we have used the Package Deployment Model. Now I would want to migrate my packages to latest version of SQL 2016 & Studio 2015.

I have following 2 questions -

Can I migrate my packages to SSDT 2015 and run it on SQL Server 2016?

After migration, will I be able to run it on SQL Server 2014/2012?

Or what is the recommended combination of SSIS & SQL sever?


Ah, combinations of SSDT/SSIS/SQL Server have always been a pain to me.
You can migrate your packages with the SSIS Package Upgrade Wizard in SSDT 2015. Be prepared that some things will not be properly migrated, you'll have to walk through them one by one (that's my experience at least).
Make sure you take a backup of the packages before you start the upgrade process!

When you open an Integration Services project that contains SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS) or later packages, Integration Services automatically opens the SSIS Package Upgrade Wizard.

SSDT 2015 (starting from the june update this year) also provides support for multiple SQL Server versions, you can set your target SQL Server version in the project. At the SSDT Blog you can find the latest updates and changes every month.

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