I have created the d3 time axis,

//minDate and maxDates are javascript date object.
var timeScale =d3.scaleTime().domain([minDate,maxDate]).range(
                [0, width]);
var timeAxis = d3.axisBottom(timeScale);

And i have added the zoom interaction to this axis

//gX is group div that has timeAxis.
    //Do something.

but initially i want to set the zoom level of the axis in day level,default it is showing in hour level,So finally what i am curious is,

  1. How to limit the zooming boundary between years level and min zoom level to day level?
  2. what does numbers [0,4] represent in scaleExtent([0,4]) in zooming?
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    Good luck! D3 seems to be a mystery to itself. Unfortunately all the documentation out there by Mike Bostock (great programmer as he is, he's absolutely awful at explaining things in a simple, straightforward way), is pretty much useless for anyone who is not prepared to spend at least a month in learning how to create a simple line graph. Powerful library, but most people are simply reduced to copying Mikes code example and tweaking it to do what they want - without fully understanding the code they end up with. Wish there was an alternative with shallower learning curve, would dump D3! – Homunculus Reticulli Sep 8 '17 at 15:07
  • @HomunculusReticulli you are right, the guy has made no efforts whatsoever to simplify stuff like real time graphs, time series pan zoom etc – PirateApp Aug 17 '18 at 7:53

From what i understand it's the times factor of the zoom. 4 would be mean: magnified 4 times.

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