I have a big database in Access with products I want to insert in Prestashop! I've read about the database import in prestashop but didnt find anything about access db import. Is there a way to import this database in prestashop? Or am I supposed to write sql queries to add these products. I have read the source code of prestashop like Products.php or ObjectModel.phplike said here:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16068141/prestashop-insert-products-script. So is the only way to write sql queries? Thanks!


PrestaShop have tools to import products from CSV, you can check it in BO > Advanced Parameters > CSV Import. You can choose what you want to import, products, categories, attributes etc. If your file is too big you supposed to split it to few small files.

  • Thanks a lot ! I ll try – coolest Aug 19 '16 at 7:35
  • Good and nice idea ! – ethercreation Jun 21 '19 at 6:57

As Agnes said CSV will be the option.

Since I still don't have enough rep I can comment on his response but I'd like to add that in the CSV import page you can find templates for the CSV may be useful if you are not used to Prestashop Product Fields.

Also if you upload the images to a temporal folder and add the URLS in the product CSV the images will be imported and added to the product.

If is the first product upload I'll also recommend you to set up the IDs for the products this way if something doesn't fit or you want to change the uploaded products you can do it just by ID or simply delete all previous products and import the new ones.

Good luck.


Import is very complecated in PrestaShop, and not really fonctionnal.

I recommand to use the module Migration pro. Is a paid module, but it works really fine, i've used it a lot.

Otherwise, you can read this article (in french), you have the list of table to import. After that, you can import images and regenerate them.

Good luck ;)

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