As described in the Syntax Reference of Kramdown, we can set the height and width size of the image, like the below:

Here is an inline ![smiley](smiley.png){:height="36px" width="36px"}.

But how can I set the location of the image, like set align=center?


align=center is deprecated. Now you'd better use CSS.

In order to accomplish this, you need to put your image in a html block element. Your code can be :

<div class="img_container">
![Me]({{site.baseurl}}/img/me.jpg){: height="36px" width="36px"}

In your css, add :

  text-align: center;

And, in order to instruct kramdown to parse inside block html elements, in _config.yml, add :

  parse_block_html: true

Your image is now centered in its parent block.

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