I am trying to make a website which lists data in a table from a CouchDB database. I tried adding a view as seen below:

    @View( name = "all", map = "function(doc) { if (doc.type == 'sofa' ) emit( [doc.sofaID,doc.timesofa], doc._id )}")
    public List<TVreport> getAllTVreports() {
        List<TVreport> couchresults = null;
        try {
            ViewQuery q = new ViewQuery().allDocs().includeDocs(true);
            couchresults = sofadb.queryView(q, TVreport.class);
        } catch (Exception e) {

        return couchresults;

This results in no change to the order of the list. I need to be able to sort by both sofaID and timesofa which I made as unique keys. I am using Ektorp Java library.

  • You're trying to sort or to filter? – Alexis Côté Aug 18 '16 at 20:02
  • { "_id": "0d4f367125e7c2b882d6df6fde00a8a6", "_rev": "1-ee6e1bc6178678112b7446502f8e9dcc", "tvname": "sofa01.lazy.com", "sofavalue": "65.4683" "sofaID": "1080", "sofaname": "sofa00.lazy.com", "tvsignallevel": "22", "timesofa": "2016-08-02 11:19:52.520375" } I'm trying to sort by any of the two fields. @AlexisCôté – Alexandria Burger Aug 19 '16 at 14:16

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