Is it possible to get syntax highlighting for a Dockerfile in Sublime Text?

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    Not the best answer but: atom.io has a plugin for Dockerfiles – opHASnoNAME Aug 19 '16 at 15:51

Of course you can, by installing this package from Package Control:

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for mac

Press cmd(⌘)-shift-p and type "add repo".
Then paste in the GitHub address for this package:


Press cmd(⌘)-shift-p and type "install".
Enter "Dockerfile.sublime-syntax" and press enter.

for windows

the same just replace cmd(⌘) with Ctrl
Now you're all set! Enjoy!
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If anyone has same issue, in the docker-compose file, you can append the lower_case_table_names config to the mysql command.

    image: mysql:8
    container_name: shiftmonitor_mysql
    command: mysqld --lower_case_table_names=0

And it works.

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