While testing IdentityServer4 with AspNetAuthorization tutorial I added the a simple [Authorize(Roles = "Administrator")] and since then I get this error:

AuthenticationScheme: Bearer was forbidden.

My user has this claim: new Claim(ClaimTypes.Role, "Administrator", ClaimValueTypes.String).

In ConfigureServices method:

 services.AddAuthorization(options =>
            options.AddPolicy("AdministratorOnly", policy => policy.RequireRole("Administrator"));

        services.AddMvc(config =>
            var policy = new AuthorizationPolicyBuilder()

            config.Filters.Add(new AuthorizeFilter(policy));

and in Configure method:

   app.UseIdentityServerAuthentication(new IdentityServerAuthenticationOptions()
            Authority = "http://localhost:5000",
            ScopeName = "openid",
            AutomaticAuthenticate = true,
            AutomaticChallenge = true,
            RequireHttpsMetadata = false,

Debug output:

Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Internal.ControllerActionInvoker: Debug: Executing action LearningEntityServer4.OAuth.ValuesController.Get (LearningEntityServer4.OAuth)
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization.DefaultAuthorizationService: Information: Authorization was successful for user: myuser.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization.DefaultAuthorizationService: Information: Authorization failed for user: myuser.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Internal.ControllerActionInvoker: Warning: Authorization failed for the request at filter 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Authorization.AuthorizeFilter'.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ChallengeResult: Information: Executing ChallengeResult with authentication schemes ().
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.JwtBearer.JwtBearerMiddleware: Information: AuthenticationScheme: Bearer was forbidden.

What I missed in the configurations?

PS: I already checked this SO post with no success.


I finally found the time to write up the internals of how role checks work in the claims world:


In short - make sure the claim types you use for roles match the RoleClaimType on your ClaimsIdentity. Or replace RequireRole with RequireClaim in your policy and use the right types.

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  • I appreciate you answer. One of the reasons that people can't use the well written IdS and specifically IdS4 is the lack of extensive examples and documentations to resolve their issues. I got stuck with this problem for days. Thanks for extensive explanation. – Mohsen Afshin Aug 22 '16 at 8:29
  • This answer pointed me in the right direction. In my case, I was testing things in Postman, but forgot to correctly request scopes and response_type to get a token with said information. – Jeroen Nov 29 '18 at 14:27

In fact, I fixed my problem before reading @leastprivilege detailed answer.

The problem was with the naming of the claim types,

I changed the following:

new Claim(ClaimTypes.Role, "Administrator");

to this:

new Claim(JwtClaimTypes.Role, "Administrator");

and the authorization worked. That's because the underlying string values between these differ and my configuration was expecting the "role" one:

ClaimTypes.Role => "http://schemas.microsoft.com/ws/2008/06/identity/claims/role"
JwtClaimTypes.Role => "role"

or one can do this based on his answer:

app.UseIdentityServerAuthentication(new IdentityServerAuthenticationOptions()
        Authority = "http://localhost:5000",
        ScopeName = "scope",
        ScopeSecret = "secret",
        AutomaticAuthenticate = true,
        AutomaticChallenge = true,
        RequireHttpsMetadata = false,

        RoleClaimType = "role"


For detailed reasons behind it, read @leastprivilege answer

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Per the attached resource it appears that you should actually be placing the policy name in the authorize attribute like so [Authorize("AdministratorOnly")].


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  • I applied that already via [Authorize(Policy = "AdministratorOnly")] and it didn't work. – Mohsen Afshin Aug 20 '16 at 8:00
  • @MohsenAfshin I notice that you don't have the issuer in the claim that you defined above new Claim(ClaimTypes.Role, "Administrator", ClaimValueTypes.String, Issuer). Perhaps that is your issue? Based on the claim issued in the example github.com/blowdart/… – hburton Aug 20 '16 at 8:19
  • tried that and set the issuer, there seems to be a problem in config and I can't find it. – Mohsen Afshin Aug 20 '16 at 8:28

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