I am using this module .

I defined my Breadcrumbs, and now I'm trying to render in my blade template by doing the following :

{!! Breadcrumbs::render($breadcrumbs) !!}

The value of $breadcrumbs being "controlled" by my controller.

The problem is that I would like to be able to pass an array of arguments to this render() method, and not only simple strings. Indeed, here are some Breadcrumbs I declared :

Breadcrumbs::register('home', function($breadcrumbs)
    $breadcrumbs->push('Home', route('home'));

/* .... etc .... */

Breadcrumbs::register('style', function($breadcrumbs, $style_name, $style_slug)
    $breadcrumbs->push($style_name, route('style', $style_slug));

In this situation, I need to be able to pass an array of arguments to the render() method, which will be sent by the Controller to the View.

I tried the following :

{!! call_user_func_array(Breadcrumbs::render, $breadcrumbs) !!}}

But I get the following error :

Undefined class constant 'render'


This module has a renderArray() method. Next time, I'll read the documentation till the end :)

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