I have a Codename One application and I want to test it with Appium. Is that possible or I must use Codename One's test recorder? I want to test my application on actual devices using Sauce Labs + Appium, but Appium is Selenium based, so I am not sure whether it will work, since Codename One uses specific components, different from the native Andoid /iOS components.


We have support for building automated tests for devices in the enterprise subscription tier although at the moment this doesn't work with any device farms.

  • codename one uses java for building apps so selenium should work, correct me if am wrong ? – iltaf khalid Dec 14 '16 at 11:37
  • Updated server farms to device farms which is what I meant. @iltafkhalid no. We have our own testing framework which is better suited to the translation process. The problem is with on-device-automation which is non-trivial – Shai Almog Dec 15 '16 at 5:12
  • Thanks @shai. I have written a java application using selenium for automated testing. I am now working on to develop similar android and iOs apps for automated testing. Currently I am only wondering where to start with regarding choice of cross-platform frameworks like titanium, codename one and xamarin. – iltaf khalid Dec 15 '16 at 6:48
  • You can automate testing on the Codename One simulator, we have a test recorder and our own test framework. Automating the tests to a device is a bit more complicated. We have a partial solution for enterprise users – Shai Almog Dec 16 '16 at 5:04

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