I am using shadow piercing css for one of my styles. But I have color codes inside scss which I want to use in the style. Is it possible to have the shadow piercing inside a scss file?

selector: 'my-selector',
styles: [
    ':host >>> .mystyle { background-color: green }'
templateUrl: './my.template.html'
  • Please consider that /deep/ and >>> are removed with Angular 4.3.0 in favor of ::ng-deep – netzaffin Jul 19 '17 at 10:59

AFAIK >>> is not supported in SASS because this combinator didn't make it into the CSS standard. Angular has it's own implementation to emulate it's support.

AFAIR just using a space instead of >>> has the same effect in Angular2 with ViewEncapsulation.Emulated (default).

Using a space doesn't seem to be equivalent to >>> and /deep/ anymore.

Plunker example

/deep/ is equivalent to >>> in Angular, but only /deep/ works well with SASS.


SASS deprecated >>> and introduced ::ng-deep for special Angular support (hence the ng- in the name).
Recent Angular 4 versions already support ::ng-deep and also have deprecated >>>.

In the docs it is mentioned that ::ng-deep is also deprecated, but this is for a different reason. When all browsers support shadow DOM with proper theming, ViewEncapsulation.Emulated (default) will be dropped and Native will be become the default and ::ng-deep will become obsolete.

update 2

::slotted is now supported by all new browsers and can be used with `ViewEncapsulation.ShadowDom


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Even though >>> and /deep/ are supposed to be equivalent, I found out that replacing the >>> operator with /deep/ works when using .scss files.


/deep/ was supported natively in browsers as a shadow DOM piercing descendant combinator, but is indeed deprecated (and removed in Chrome 63).

But, because Angular offers (and defaults to) an emulated shadow DOM implementation (which does not use the native shadow DOM implementation, its use of /deep/ is unrelated to the native browser use - overloaded for its own implementation and not output in the final css. Thus, using /deep/ in emulated shadow DOM style encapsulation (encapsulation: ViewEncapsulation.Emulated) still works in all browser.

However, because the idea is to move to native encapsulation (from emulated), Angular deprecated /deep/ in it's own emulated implementation (though it still works, and technically always could).

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