According to this answer:Decimal precision and scale in EF Code First

modelBuilder.Entity<Class>().Property(object => object.property).HasPrecision(12, 10);

I can change the decimal precision and scale for specific property in specific entity .

But i wonder how to change it globally , i mean change all the decimal attributes to specific precision and scale because i have tons of them in different entities.

  • Did you look at any of the other answers on the linked question? Looks like your question is already answered, set a new convention to be used in all entity models. Aug 20, 2016 at 17:24

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You can use DbModelBuilder.Properties method:

Begins configuration of a lightweight convention that applies to all primitive properties of the specified type in the model.

like this:

modelBuilder.Properties<decimal>().Configure(p => p.HasPrecision(12, 10));

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