The place where the command timeout is set is no longer the same as earlier versions.

However, I cannot find anywhere that says how to change this.

What I am doing is uploading very large files which takes longer than the default 30 seconds to save.

Note that I ask about Command Timeout, not Migration Timeout as in another question.


If you're using the DI container to manage the DbContext (i.e. you're adding the DbContext to the service collection), the command timeout can be specified in the options.

In Startup.ConfigureServices:

services.AddDbContext<YourDbContext>(options => options.UseSqlServer(
    sqlServerOptions => sqlServerOptions.CommandTimeout(60))
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you can change it through your context

public class ApplicationDbContext : DbContext
    public ApplicationDbContext()
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The better option is to use CommandTimeout during your context setup like:

public class DbConnect: IConnnectDb
    private dbentitient _context;

    // inject this to a db entity from constructor. 

    //inside each method now use the follow before u actually run the query to db.  


Note: EF Core will only execute the query with less than 100 seconds time. If it's more than that it keeps retrying and you never get to see the result.

That's my experience as of now, so let me know if you are able to fix it EF Core 1.0 does timeout even more fast than EF Core 2.0.

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