I tried to use wildcard URLs in my project and it does not work for me. I set page URL to /path/to/page/{UserId} (I also tried UserName and NinjaMaster wildcard name to prevent naming conflicts) but I wasn't able access this variable in template or web part (I tried Repeater web part only).

In my HTML template I tried {% UserId #%}, {% UserName #%} and {% NinjaMaster #%} to write passed value, but nothing happen. I tried URLs like /path/to/page/12345, /path/to/page/?UserId=12345, /path/to/page/?userid=12345 etc.

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The wildcard name in the URL is actually a query string.

When visiting /path/to/page/5 (and the wildcard URL being /path/to/page/{UserId}), the URL is rewritten to something along the lines of /CMSPages/PortalTemplate.aspx?aliasPath=/actual/path/to/page&UserId=5

To access the query string value in a macro, use {% QueryString.UserId %}


Read about query string macros. You can use two types of syntax: {? UserId ?} or {% QueryString.UserId %}


I am quoting straight from Kentico's documentation

To load the values of query string parameters from the URL, use macros in format:

{? parameter ?}

Query string macros support all K# syntax. The names of all available query string parameters automatically work as variables that store the value of the corresponding parameter.

For example, on pages with URLs like /Home.aspx?nodeid=10, {? nodeid ?} resolves into 10.

Alternatively, you can get the values of query string parameters inside standard macros:

{% QueryString.parameter %}

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