How can I simple get count of likes, shares and comments from a URL using PHP?

The method using FQL or graph.facebook.com didnt work anymore.

I need also about 1000 requests per day, I need solution with request limit more then 1000.


I think that FQL became deceprated by the beginning of August. I've solved this problem using graph API and stating the fields argument


the fields likes and comments would give you a list of people who liked or commented on it, the .limit(0) means that you don't need any exact names mentioned and .summary(true) gives you more detailed info on it - the number of likes/comments.

I hope this explanation helps, you can find more info here https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer

  • 1
    Great, thank you very much!
    – adminko
    Aug 21 '16 at 14:08
  • You're welcome ^^ took me some time to find this too. Graph API could be a little better documented.
    – Gillian
    Aug 21 '16 at 14:10
  • 1
    You mean something like this: http://graph.facebook.com/?fields=share,og_object{likes.limit(0).summary(true),comments.limit(0).summary(true)}&id=http://www.rio2016.com? Because i see 0 likes and 1 comment...
    – adminko
    Aug 21 '16 at 14:29
  • the correct id is &id=http://www.rio2016.com
    – adminko
    Aug 21 '16 at 14:33
  • 1
    using this method you can only get about 20 requests (after 20 is request limit reached)
    – adminko
    Aug 23 '16 at 8:31

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