I am building an API with Laravel for VueJS frontend SPA.

I need to accept and return dates as 'd-m-Y', not as 'Y-m-d' as it's stored in DB. Data mutator is working ok and I managed to save it properly with given date, but when I run:

$active = Announcement::where('group_id', $this->user->group_id)->where('dateTo', '>=', Carbon::today())->get();
        return response()->json($active);

I am getting pure DB data, instead of getting it formatted. For example I have dateTo field which needs to be formatted :

 public function getDateToAttribute($value)
        $date = Carbon::createFromFormat('Y-m-d', $value);
        return $date->format('d-m-Y');

What should I do?


As @Jared said, accessors/mutators only exist when called by your application. So, in collection returned as JSON, no accessor/mutator exist. Make a loop to call all your needed accessor/mutator is waaay too fat, but Laravel come with a built-in solution

In your model Announcement.php, you just have to specifies the accessors/mutators that will always be appended on your requests.

protected $appends = array('dateTo');

With this solution, each request will contain a dateTo parameter, formated as you like.

greets !

PS : You can make the $appends array change depending on your request, so all your request returning JSON will send the dateTo parameters, but the other won't.


Laravel will run the accessors when you convert the model to an array or json.

So I would update your code to:

$active = Announcement::where('group_id', $this->user->group_id)->where('dateTo', '>=', Carbon::today())->get();

return response()->json($active->toArray());
  • it's not working... still not going through accessor... It should do this thing without ->toArray because it's converting to JSON... – M U Aug 22 '16 at 19:36
  • Yeah that is true. Looking at this more closely, looks like your date field is dateTo not date_to. Laravel is only going to do the automatic accessor if your field name matches the format it expects, i.e. date_to. – Jared Rolt Aug 23 '16 at 1:13

Try This

    $active = Announcement::where('group_id', $this->user->group_id)->where('dateTo', '>=', Carbon::today())->get();
    foreach($active as $activeRecords){


public function getDateToAttribute($value)
    return Carbon::parse($value)->format('d-m-Y');

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