After an HD problem and some work, I have a bunch of files with names like "f1234", "f1235", etc.

My goal is to sort this files according to their filetype. For example, I want to move all the PDF files in the "pdfs" directory.

For one file, I can do : "file f1234", and if it's a PDF, I can "mv f1234 pdfs/". But I have thousands of file... Can you help me with a bash or zsh command for sort all the PDF in one pass ? Thanks

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    for f in f* ; do case $(file "$f") in PDF ) echo /bin/mv "$f" /path/to/pdf/dir/"$f".pdf ;; * ) echo "not a PDF $f" 1>&2 ;; esac ; done. Examine the output carefully, and if it looks OK, then remove the echo on the PDF case. You'll have to change in PDF to match the real output of file f1234 when it is a PDF. (Dbl-quote the match string if there are any spaces). Good luck. – shellter Aug 22 '16 at 17:09

The hard part here is reliably turning the output of file into a directory name. I think probably the best candidate for that is the mime-type of the file rather than the human readable output of file. I'd use something like:

mkdir sorted
for f in f*
  d=$(file -b --mime-type "$f" | tr / -)
  mkdir -p "sorted/$d"
  mv "$f" "sorted/$d/"

Obviously I'd test that out a bit before running it on your files, but something pretty close to that should work.

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    file -bi "$f" | cut -d';' -f1 | tr / - can be shortened to file -b --mime-type "$f" | tr / -. – alvits Aug 22 '16 at 21:19
  • Ahh, that is better! I'll change the answer to reflect that. – Julian Aug 22 '16 at 21:30

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