I have a nose test that uses a pathname to a png file in the tests directory. One path works in local testing, one path works on Travis. How do I check when the code is run on Travis?

Edit: Here is the actual code.


To check the existence of TRAVIS:

import os
is_travis = 'TRAVIS' in os.environ

You could check for the existence (or value) of an environment variable. It looks like Travis defines several by default (see here).

For example:

import os
istravis = os.environ.get('TRAVIS') == 'true'
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    The documentation says that TRAVIS=true is the default. Depending on how paranoid you want to be, you can check that the value is actually "true". I included the example to show that. Using os.getenv with a default of 'false' may be better here. – rkersh Aug 22 '16 at 22:09

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