I want to convert a video recorded with Quick Time ( resolution 750*1334 ) to 1080*1920. Apple only accept resolution 1080*1920p for iphone6PLUS for App review video.

My license key with final cut pro X has expired and ffmpeg -i AppPreviewIphone6.mp4 -vf scale=1080:1920 AppPreviewIphone6PLUS.mp4 give me a resolution of 1079*1920 instead 1080*1920

Have you an idea what software I can use to change video resolution ?



ffmpeg -i AppPreviewIphone6.mp4 -vf scale=1080:1920,setsar=1 AppPreviewIphone6PLUS.mp4

scale will adjust the aspect ratio flag to match the original display aspect ratio, and Quicktime/Apple considers the aspect-corrected dimensions. 750x1334 is not exactly 9:16 like 1080x1920 is, hence the 1079 being reported.

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