My script is supposed to get the TCP connection information for VNC and tell me when the connection state is ESTABLISHED. I'm stuck on trying to get a return value of True when using Select-String -Quiet.

PS C:\> $vnc = netstat -ab | select-string "winvnc4.exe" -context 1,0
PS C:\> $vnc

    TCP           User:0               LISTENING
>  [winvnc4.exe]
    TCP           User:0               LISTENING
>  [winvnc4.exe]
    TCP    [::]:5800              User:0               LISTENING
>  [winvnc4.exe]
    TCP    [::]:5900              User:0               LISTENING
>  [winvnc4.exe]

PS C:\> $vnc | Select-String "LISTENING" -quiet

PS C:\> $vnc | Select-String -Pattern "LISTENING" -quiet

PS C:\> $vnc | Select-String "LISTENING" -simplematch -quiet

As you can see, I tried several different parameters to get a result but nothing is returned.

  • Your code works as expected for me: I see "True" being returned. Have you omitted any code, no matter how unimportant? – Paul Hicks Aug 22 '16 at 21:43
  • This is everything. I even closed out ISE and re-opened as Administrator (like it was the first time I tried) and it still didn't return anything. PS C:\> get-host | select Version Version ------- 5.0.10586.494 – Clark Aug 22 '16 at 22:02

Your first Select-String produces a list of MatchInfo objects. The information you're after is stored in the Context property of these. You need to expand that before you can run another Select-String on it.

$vnc | Select-Object -Expand Context |
    Select-Object -Expand PreContext |
    Select-String 'LISTENING' -SimpleMatch -Quiet

On PowerShell v3 and newer you can use member enumeration to make that a little more compact:

$vnc | ForEach-Object { $_.Context.PreContext } |
    Select-String 'LISTENING' -SimpleMatch -Quiet
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